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A Solution For Excessive Sweating

Oct 17 2017
On Today's Show, Michelle from Simpson's Apothecary joins us to talk about a special compound that was created to treat excessive sweating. As well, the rising...
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Managing Your Diet During the Holidays

Oct 11 2017
The holidays are always a difficult time to keep your diet on track. On this week's show, Enrico discusses how to manage your diet during the holidays as well as the...
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Simpson's Pharmacy 40th Anniversary

Oct 10 2017
Simpson's Pharmacy is celebrating their 40th anniversary. On this week's show, Ward Simpson, the founder of Simpson's Pharmacy, joins Sean and Enrico to discuss...
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The Digital Health Drug Repository

Sep 26 2017
Join us as Sean discusses a number of important health topics this week. Included in this week's show is World Pharmacist Day as well as expanding the scope of pharmacy...
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Chorus Supernatural Skin Care

Sep 21 2017
This week, Kim Smith-Barr, Sales Manager and Trainer at Chorus Supernatural joins us to talk about skin care. Chorus Supernatural is a luxurious line of natural...
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Ideal Protein Diet Program

Sep 11 2017
This week, Lindsay Wagstaff joins Sean and Enrico to talk about Ideal Protein. Lindsay is the Ideal Protein Coach at Meadows Pharmacy and will discuss our upcoming Ideal...
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Cravv: A Natural Smoking Cessation Product

Sep 7 2017
On this week's show, we are joined by pharmacist Blake Ziegler who discusses a new product called Cravv. Cravv is an all natural smoking cessation product that helps to...
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Cold and Flu Season Survival Kit

Aug 29 2017
Back to school often marks the start of cold and flu season. Pharmasave has put together a cold and flu survival kit which is available at As well,...
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Ideal Protein,compound for dry mouth,West Nile,menopause and back pain

Aug 17 2017
This week we will be discussing the Ideal Protein protocol, the compound of the week for dry mouth, the West Nile virus in the Niagara Region, menopause therapies and...
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Vitex Nutrition

Aug 14 2017
Our guest is today Victoria Donald from Vitex Nutrition, a great product line of advanced therapeutic, botanical based supplements for health and wellness, which we will...
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Protecting your family from opioid overdoses

Aug 9 2017
This week, Sean and Enrico tackle a number of topics. With opioid overdoses on the rise, naloxone kits are potentially a life-saving treatment and are available free of...
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Hospice Niagara and Palliative Care

Aug 2 2017
On this week's show, Carol Nagy, Executive Director and Shari Willerton, Marketing, Communications and Fund Development Manager from Hospice Niagara join us to...
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