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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Jan 14 2018
January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and coincides with the 14th annual Walk for Alzheimer’s on Sunday January 21st at Brock University. On today's show,...
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Vaccinations, MedSync, and OHIP Updates

Dec 31 2017
On today's show, Sean Simpson and Enrico Simone discuss vaccinations, MedSync, and OHIP Updates. 

Tune in to find out more information on the NEW OHIP Plus...
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Ideal Protein

Dec 24 2017
On this weeks show, Sean Simpson and Enrico Simone talk about the incredible Ideal Protein Weight Loss program that our locations offer. Dianne, the coach of the Ideal...
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The 12 Healthy Ways of Christmas

Dec 17 2017
On today's show, Sean Simpson and Enrico Simone discuss The 12 Healthy Ways of Christmas. Tune in for helpful tips on staying healthy with the family this holiday...
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Minimizing Pain and Fear of Vaccinations for Children and 6 Questions for Pharmacists

Dec 3 2017
On Today's Show Enrico Simone and Sean Simpson discuss how Parents can actually help minimize pain and fear of vaccinations with changing our approach of support for our...
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National Diabetes Awareness Month

Nov 20 2017
On Today's Show, Marcus Walz from Meadows IDA 5 Corners joins us to talk about the importance of Skin Health, and a proper skin care routine. Stop by Meadows IDA...
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Customizing Treatment Plans

Nov 13 2017
This week, Sean and Enrico tackle a number of topics. From the importance of an Appointment Based Pharmacy and the quality of care you receive. Now launching...
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PGx- Pharmacogenomics Testing

Nov 7 2017
On Today's Show, Bryce Wong a pharmacist from British Columbia joins us who is the leader on a project called MyDNA. Pharmacogenomics testing determines how a...
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Stroke Awareness- The Warning Signs

Oct 26 2017
October 29th- World Stroke Awareness Day.

Join us as Sean Simpson and Enrico Simone discuss the importance of Stroke Awareness. They will discuss the warning signs to...
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The Flu Shot- It's About The People Around You

Oct 22 2017
On this week's show, Sean Simpson and Enrico Simone discuss the many benefits of getting the flu shot this year. It's not only about you, but the people around you. This...
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A Solution For Excessive Sweating

Oct 17 2017
On Today's Show, Michelle from Simpson's Apothecary joins us to talk about a special compound that was created to treat excessive sweating. As well, the rising...
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Managing Your Diet During the Holidays

Oct 11 2017
The holidays are always a difficult time to keep your diet on track. On this week's show, Enrico discusses how to manage your diet during the holidays as well as the...
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